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“Bren-chillada” Bites

Topped with Black Diamond® Pizza & Pasta Shredded Cheese, this recipe is a great stay-in treat or an entertaining snack.

7 servings (one serving is 4 crackers)
10 minutes
prep time
20 minutes
cook time


Pizza & Pasta Shredded Cheese 907g
60g (1/4 cup)
Black Diamond® Pizza & Pasta Mozzarella Cheese
28-32 ea
Breton Original Crackers
16-20oz (2 whole)
Skinless chicken breast, sliced thin
5g (2 Tsp)
Chili Powder
15g (1 Tbsp)
Tomato Paste
45g (3 Tbsp)
Sour Cream
85g (1/2 ea.)
Red & Green Peppers, diced fine
(Optionals) Green Onion (1-2 stalks),
Chipotle in Adobo (1/4 - 1 only)


  1. Coat your chicken breast in chili powder and sear on low- medium heat in butter or vegetable oil until fully cooked. Shred the seared chicken with forks in a bowl while hot, and stir in Black Diamond® Mozzarella to slightly melt it.
  2. LIGHTLY coat the mix with a very small glaze of tomato paste. Just enough to “dye it red”, and give it a hint of tomato flavour.
  3. Put a Tbsp of the mixture on the Breton Cracker, top with finely diced red and green peppers and a small dot of sour cream.

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Pizza & Pasta Shredded Cheese 907g
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Pizza & Pasta Shredded Cheese 907g